Stephen Vitiello - "Sounds Building in The Fading Light"
CGR 03 (2001)

Vinyl 10" -- Sounds Building in the Fading Light is a mix of sounds recorded during a 5 month "WorldViews" residency on the 91st floor of The World Trade Center, floating above the lights of New York City and the void of New Jersey. Inexpensive contact microphones were fixed to the windows and routed into a mixing board, tweaked by equalization and a Sherman Filter Bank. Additional experiments were done at night with an amplified photocell placed into the eye of a telescope. 

The result was the chance to listen to the building and to all that passes it by: airplanes, helicopters, people on the streets below, wind, the intensified movement of the building after Hurricane Floyd. "WorldViews" is administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Thundergulch. A special thank you to Bob Bielecki for technical assistance and conceptual collaboration.


Stephen Vitiello is an electronic musician and media artist.

Since 1988 he has collaborated with musicians, visual artists and choreographers, including Dara Birnbaum, John Jasperse, Joan Jeanreanud, Rebecca Moore, Pauline Oliveros, Tony Oursler and Constance DeJong, Nam June Paik, ƒder Santos, Scanner, Frances-Marie Uitti.

Vitiello's fifth CD, "Scratchy Marimba" was released by Sulphur UK/Sulfur USA in July of 2000. Previous CDs include "Light of Falling Cars" (JDK) featuring Pauline Oliveros, and "Uitti/Vitiello" (JDK) a collaboration with cellist, Frances-Marie Uitti.

Current projects include music for choreographer John Jasperse for Mikhal Barysnikov's White Oak Dance Project, presented at Brooklyn Academy of Music in June, 2000. Also, "Tetrasomia," an artistsā web project for the Dia Center for the Arts (www.diacenter.org).

Recent installations include The Project, NY and PS 1 Contemporary Art Center (2000). Also, a site-specific sound piece for Postmasters Gallery (2000), "Tailspin" a four channel audio environment, for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon's exhibition "Musiques en Scene," (1999) and a site specific project for the 91st floor of the World Trade Center (1999), for which Vitiello received a Radio/Sound Art Fellowship from the Jerome Foundation.

In July 2000 the Dia Center for the Arts published the CD ROM "Fantastic Prayers," a collaborative work with artist, Tony Oursler and writer, Constance DeJong, and music by Stephen Vitiello. "Fantastic Prayers" has been seen as a performance at The Performing Garage, NY as an off-site event of The 1997 Whitney Biennial Exhibition, also as part of Dia's Rooftop Urban Park Project, at The National Galerie Hamburger Bahnhoff, Berlin, at the Festival of Film and Architecture, Graz, Austria and The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Elements of the work exist as a project for Diaās web site.

Past performances include participation in per/Son, a concert series of solo and collaborative pieces also featuring Pauline Oliveros, Scanner, Frances Marie-Uitti and Andres Bosshard. The event was organized by The Kunsthochschule FŸr Medientechnologie, Koln and broadcast by WDR radio's Studio Akustische Kunst program. In addition to music based work, Vitiello recently directed the video "Nam June Paik: SeOUL NyMAx Performance, 1997 ö Dress Rehearsal and The Last Ten Minutes."

As a Media Curator, he curated the Sound Art program for the Whitney Museum's exhibition The American Century: Art and Culture 1950-2000. In 1997, "Young and Restless" a video program for the Museum of Modern Art, NY. "Young and Restless" subsequently toured to over 40 venues internationally.