Artificial Memory Trace - "Ritmax Asimetra"
CGR 02 (1999)

Slavek Kwi, alias Artificial Memory Trace is a cultural and musical refugee.  He walked three sleepless days without food to reach the West.  This intensity and the power of his will is present in all that he does, be it the organic sound realm he creates, or the graphics and handwriting he invented.

His musical universe is a precisely structured and perfectly balanced mix of diverse "musique concrete" materials.  Frederick Rzewski, his musical mentor, has assisted him over the past 5 years and has been a major influence, as has been John Cage.  Slavek is a cult hero and his hit record "The Ality Absfract" has become a collectors item.

Links -- AMT info. here and here.


While working with Lowlands I occasionally met Slavek in the office in Antwerp where the first commercial release of AMT was done at that time in 1996.
After that first time we met again in Amsterdam where he came to appear in my radio program for underground radio station Radio 100. I interviewed him and played his sounds.

After the radio program we went to a place at the banks of 'het Y' and talked till late in the night. It was a clear summer night, a perfect movie-still. Our conversation went from colors of sounds to sounds of planets etc. etc..

It was very clear to me that I was talking to someone who was as serious as anyone could be about what he did.

It was during that night that we became good friends.

His music has been a regular factor in my programs and was regarded to in many positive ways by listeners as well as other radio-djs. In a few years AMT became an understatement in the world of sound-artists and many other artist was influenced by his unique way of creating landscapes and architectural musical environments by using almost only natural sound sources.

The cd "Th Ality Absfract" was sold out in a short period of time and no new copies were produced. By accident we had started to produce CD's and when we heard the demo of Ritmax Asimetra it was obvious to us what needed to be done...

Jay di Kay
January 1999